Every Picture has a story

Project Not Homeless was birthed out of a love for our fellow human beings in crisis. Those that deserve acknowledgment and basic human rights, namely dignity and respect, the homeless. We are raising funds to build affordable clean sustainable housing, while providing the necessary tools and connections to help people get back on their feet. We also desire greatly to provide education to those who don't fully understand the complexities of the homeless situation. It isn't always what it may seem and every picture does have a story behind it. At Project Not Homeless, we desire to collaborate and get to know others who are on this same path to forge solutions for the crisis of homelessness. It is going to take us all working together. We encourage you to visit our website, subscribe to our up and coming newsletter and stay connected. Follow us on instagram and facebook. We will be updating frequently on our progress and providing information and stories. Our vision is unique in what we desire to accomplish and affordable for those who will be the beneficiaries. Hoping to hear from any of you who have taken the time to read. Support us in our mission, donate, volunteer or give us a call for further conversation.

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