Home is where the heart is.

Home, the center of life, where we can be ourselves, relax take our shoes off, escape the grind of work, the pressures of school and the hazards of the streets. Home is where our identities take root, where children grow and imagine, play and dream. Where birthday cakes with candles exist, turkeys are prepared to give thanks and Christmas trees are decorated. Shelter from the cold, wind rain and snow. Things that we can easily take for granted because they have just always been. Available housing is extremely difficult to come by for those whose income falls below the poverty guideline. The majority of these households are chronically cost burdened, they are spending more than half of their earned income on rent. The National Low Income Housing Coalition estimates that 1.3 million renters in California have incomes at or below the federal poverty guidelines. Currently there are approximately 286,844 affordable units across the state with 1.3 million renters with incomes below the poverty line the shortfall of housing has created a crisis gap in housing readily available to low income renters. To add to those disturbing figures, individuals and families already living pay check-to-pay check, with the slightest rent or mortgage increase it could be enough to unravel their stability. Project Not Homeless intends to build communities where low income tenants can thrive and survive and regain their sense of dignity and confidence. We seek to build living spaces that are economical to build and affordable for individuals to live in. It can be accomplished and it can work, but we can't do it alone we need your help working together as a community towards a common goal of helping those who need it the most, and in the long run healing the entire community affected. Please check us out at Projectnothomless.com.

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