houseless or homeless does it really matter when it comes down to it?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

I took this picture in the Venice area, pre pandemic. We were handing out food that day and talking to the people about what their most urgent needs were. Interestingly they all called themselves homeless and missing family for one reason or another, the inability to get social services to step in, no identification to even get services, the list goes on. I am not trying to stir up a hornets nest, my point is, in the end does it really matter the language houseless, homeless there really isn't a difference and we can justify it any way we want to and spin it. The bottom line is these people do not have shelter or a place to call home. Some honestly of their own doing and we know this, others loss of income for one reason or another, then finally loss of their home. There are numerous reasons as to why. Renaming a drastic situation doesn't change the situation. They are still sleeping and living daily on the streets. Are we renaming something to make it more palatable for us? Because it's been my experience that they aren't as worried about naming it as they are at experiencing it so why are we? Actions always speak louder than words. We need to be a proponent of change with our actions and not just our words. This video speaks loudly just in a way that isn't positive. We have to quit making excuses and quit thinking that one solution works. It s multifacited and each issue has to be addressed.

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