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"When we go into a new location, a different situation, or a new community of people, we often experience anxiety. This natural anxiety is a result of the limits of our understanding and personal power when we enter a place we don't yet know or an experience we've never had. No wonder our minds race and our hearts beat a little faster. We wonder what we'll have to face, how we'll be treated, and whether we will make it through." (Paul David Tripp, Suffering) For the average person we can usually understand the anxiety and where it is coming from, a new job, a move, marriage, the list can go on. But switch that thought to someone who has been living on the streets for several years and suddenly is given the opportunity of having a home, the thought for some can and is daunting. The mind races with excitement and fear, suddenly realizing that their confidence to do this, is at an all time low because for the last several years they have become an invisible face within their own community. They eat, sleep and live in the public eye that doesn't even see them on most days. So while the disparity between incomes and the availability of affordable housing is very real and is a big piece of the puzzle, taking into consideration and understanding the psyche of the homeless individual and understanding their unique set of needs is vital, in order for them to be successful in remaining housed and leading a productive life. So it's imperative for these to separate problems to work in tandem. For many life on the streets is very traumatic. How ever coming off the streets can be just as traumatic for very different reasons. That is why when transitioning from the streets to permanent housing help needs to be readily available, help that is compassionate, understanding and willing to walk the path with each individual and or family. So yes, housing is critical, but caring and being that compassionate encouraging hand is of equal importance to see permanent success. So I challenge each and everyone who reads this, to become more aware, not just of the homeless problem, but see the individuals that live the problem when you are on the streets, see them, they are people and they deserve the opportunity to be loved and helped as much as you or I do. Be an advocate for change. If you are at all interested in joining this fight please visit us at

projecthomleless.com. subscribe to our newsletter, donate, volunteer. Below is a link to a video produced by Bright Path Housing, they are in the fight. I hope you take the time when you have a moment to watch.

Thank you

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