Stay the course

During this great time of uncertainties, we find ourselves focus has been overtaken by COVID-19, a new word in our vocabulary and our lives. Social distancing is becoming the new norm, our economy, jobs, concern for our loved ones, very real and very troubling concerns for us all. But for our own sanity and health somewhere during the course of the day, its good to stop and try and understand, that we are usually the most anxious when we are focused on the things we know we cant control. So understanding this that how we think is tied to how we behave is so very important for our well being through this horrible situation. We encourage everyone during the course of the day to take some time for yourself be grateful for the smallest of things now matter committed tragic life looks right now... Project Not Homeless is committed to people and community and committed to helping those who need it the most right now. We will continue to post daily uplifting and small ways to help ourselves and others with little effort. Take care and stay tuned.

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