the stats

Across the country, there are approximately 570,000 persons experiencing life with out any form of stable shelter. A viral tsunami is causing a tidal wave that's far reaching and has hit Los Angeles with such veracity it's leaving an insurmountable path of destruction behind it. Lost jobs and homes, it is becoming clear that big system changes need to be taking place. Our insufficient housing supply, health care, the problems within our justice system, all of these things flow into the causes of homelessness.

Statistically, LA county is up 13% to 66,500 people, the city of Los Angeles alone is up 14% at 41,300 people and this was before the pandemic hit. The pandemic has caused over 600,000 workers in LA County alone to loose their jobs, and that was back in May, staggering numbers.

The root causes go very deep.

The work that is being done is not enough, politicians and local government officials need to start truly listening to individuals and groups that are daily on the front line. Non profits and individuals that have creative plans, and know what it takes to truly help individuals thrive in a community that has been lost to them and remain there, not going back to the streets. It isn't just enough to provide temporary shelter or housing, although agreed, it is a big piece of the pie, it isn't all that needs to be accomplished. Bureaucracy and red tape keep individuals and Non Profits like ourselves, from getting anyone to listen.

So the ball continues to drop and roll down hill and the out look currently remains grim as the numbers of COVID continue to rise. For every 200 individuals to come off the streets, thee are 230 that find them selves out on the streets. There are solutions, solid working solutions, so if you're reading this, I hope you will consider joining us to be a voice, help us to speak up, request from out local and state governments to hear our proposals and to be a voice for those who aren't being heard.

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