''To not have suffering recognized is an almost unbearable form of violence." unknown

Updated: May 3, 2021

Homelessness and human trafficking are an epidemic in this country, people know it and see it everyday, yet here we are and what is the solution, plenty of individuals and organizations have them, but why aren't we getting any where. Here are a few numbers to perhaps spark some fires.

Human trafficking:

27 million people live in some type of modern day slavery through out the world.

21 million of those are victims of human trafficking.

17 million in the U.S. alone

14 million are labor

4.5 million are victims of the sex trade industry

2.2 million in war slavery

Breaking it down:

70% forced labor

26% are children

55% are girls and women


Nationally- 567,715




Gender non conforming-1362

California alone-

White - 270,607

Black - 225,735

Hispanic/Latin - 124,615

Multi Racial - 36,868

Native Americans - 17,966

Pacific Islanders - 9,311

Asian - 7,288

Nationally there is a shortage of 192,793 beds in California alone, there is a shortage of 102,529 beds.

These are the most recent stats due to covid point in time counts haven't been completed. So numbers could more than likely be higher. Things have to change, laws need to be established for a affordable housing and state, and local governments need to start listening better. Please visit Project Not Homeless and donate but before you do, we encourage you to read about us help us to move forward in this battle. Every persons voice counts.


Tamara Holmes


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