Watch for us we are making it happen

Our mission at Project not Homeless is straightforward and to the point: To create shelter and stability for the disenfranchised and provide opportunities for individuals and families to help themselves. By doing so instilling within a sense of confidence, self worth, and dignity. That is it. This photo below should not be a normal sight, unfortunately in California up and down this beautiful state this is all too familiar a sight. I am sure you have heard the pitch before, but what we are planning is unique and can work, we just need your help. So if you're

passionate about helping others and being light, please join us on this journey. Sign up on our website, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Durning this critical time it is imperative that we continue this quest, no one deserves to be unhoused and living on the streets. Times are difficult right now and understandably so, but we can all pitch in together and do our part what an amazing thing that would be. It isn't just about the money, its about time spent, sharing ideas and connections, making things happen, so any little bit helps. Please visit our website and subscribe to keep up on what we are doing. We won't inundate you with requests just a short monthly news letter with important information and an update on what we are currently working on. You won't regret it. Thanks for listening.

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