women and homelessness

For those involved in the seemingly endless battle to change the face of homelessness, knowing the statistics of 2019 in Los Angeles County, on any given night, approximately 58,000 individuals and families are currently experiencing homelessness.

For the homeless on the street the struggle for subsistence begins at the animal level - food, water, shelter and a relatively safe place to sleep. We all have our opinions and our out to dinner discussions on how one arrives at the point of homelessness. But with 58,000 + homeless, it seems all too easy to fall into that place of being without shelter and security, homeless. Being in this state, isn't an easy venture at all, especially if you're a woman. Statistically speaking there are more homeless men than women and not discounting the effect on any human being finding themselves in this situation, however, being a women and experiencing homelessness carries with it a unique set of burdens. For example living situations, homelessness can transform for others what are little things, into insurmountable hurdles. As for any as previously stated, food, water, shelter and safe sleep are vitally important for a women experiencing homelessness, as well as protection of her personal property, her need for health and hygiene care, dignity and her self respect. What a woman carries with her is of personal

importance, most women carry with them life histories, mementos, not to mention pieces of identification, clothes and hygiene products. With the inability to keep oneself relatively clean while homeless, for a women this can produce complications which can then lead to general poor health.

Homelessness in general and living constantly on the streets in particular are times of great stress, instability and insecurity. These conditions can lead to and aggravate drug and alcohol use as well as mental health issues. I believe that there are some women on the streets that mentally and emotionally were stable until they experienced homelessness and no longer have the security of shelter. Which is where I will close for the time being. the biggest part of the puzzle for the homeless is affordable clean housing, and not necessarily always treatment. (another topic for discussion). I encourage all who read this to please visit our web site, stand with us in helping to educate and to raise funds to provide clean affordable housing, and to provide all of the tools necessary to stay off the streets and live an independent stable and confident life.

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