Deep down inside we all have the desire to connect and belong, a sense of community.  A place where we can call home, watch the sunset, feel safe, talk to neighbors.  Project Not Homeless' vision is just that, community for those who have lost their own.  PNH endeavors  to  create tiny villages, clean  sustainable  and affordable homes.  A  community with a positive support staff on sight, ready to help with the re-integration back into society and all of the difficulties that can present.  Our villages will include on sight laundry facilities, community gardens and community gathering areas along with a small art building, where those with any creative ability can create and sell their products on line to help support themselves and or their families.  This is just the beginning and we need your help bringing this vision, created out of love, into reality,  it can and will work with your help.  Please support us and join us on this TINY HOME ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!